Our Services

Queenstown Management is a specialist body corporate manager and provides a range of body corporate advisory and support services to owners of both smaller developments and larger complexes.


We are exclusively a Body Corporate manager and secretary. Our services do not include property management or valuation work which avoids potential conflicts of interest detrimental to our clients.


Each property has its own dedicated Body Corporate manager.


The following is a summary of the scope of services available. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



  • Prepare relevant documentation for the holding of your Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meetings as required.
  • Provide secretarial services as required and provide advice on other procedural matters, such as the requirements for written resolutions to be passed without the need for a meeting.


Budgets and Financials

  • Manage bank accounts, long term maintenance and any other contingency funds.
  • Arrange preparation of annual financial reports, prepare draft Budget and other Returns as required.


Levies and Creditors

  • Calculate, invoice and collect levies and other contributions.
  • Arrange payment of suppliers and service providers.



  • Arrange annual insurance valuation and cover.
  • Oversee handling of insurance claims.


Client Portal

  • Access to Body Corporate document library and building information via client online portal.


Common Maintenance

  • Arrange and supervise minor maintenance work to common property and liaise with Council for WOF certification if required.
  • Arrange service contracts for building’s services (such as garden maintenance, lifts, fire protection, cleaning, caretaking, swimming pool care).


New Law (Unit Titled property)

  • Review of your body corporate rules and adoption and adaptation of  new rules in compliance with the new law.
  • Assist with procedural requirements and implementation, including the holding of an AGM, as required by the new law.


Statutory compliance

  • Manage compliance by body corporate of its obligations under (a) Building Act and (b) Health and Safety in Employment Act.
  • Institute long term maintenance plan if required.



  • Maintain Register of proprietors and mortgagees, attend to correspondence and keep body corporate records.
  • Give notice to parties who breach body corporate operational rules.


Site visits

  • Conduct regular site visits.


Advisory and support services

  • Support services and introductory packages can be tailored for smaller complexes (2-4 units) who may be looking to manage their own body corporate day to day.


Disclosure Statements

  • Provide Pre-contract/Additional/Pre-settlement disclosure statements to unit owners as prescribed by Unit Titles Act 2011.




Our charges are generally calculated as a fixed fee per development (broken down into unit cost where appropriate) and are generally invoiced on an annual basis.


We would be happy to discuss with you the scope of services you require. Certain services are usually charged on a time cost basis but we would be happy to discuss with you a package tailored specifically according to your requirements.