Body Corporate Services

Queenstown Management is a specialist body corporate manager.

Queenstown Management is exclusively a Body Corporate manager and secretary. Our services do not include property management or valuation work which avoids potential conflicts of interest detrimental to our clients.

Each property has its own dedicated Body Corporate manager.

We have over 40 years of combined experience in body corporate law and management working with local and overseas landlords.

Why you need a Body Corporate Manager

As an owner of a unit or apartment in a unit-titled property, you will be a member of the “body corporate” for that development. The body corporate owns the common property in the development and is generally responsible for its maintenance, ongoing upkeep and repair.

As an owner of unit titled property, you should be aware of the Unit Titles Act 2010 and Unit Title Regulations which came into effect in 2011. Further substantial amendments were introduced in May 2023. This legislation affects all owners in a body corporate.

It is essential that owners work with a specialist body corporate manager to implement the many legal obligations and ensure they comply with them.